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A fast-loading, fully responsive, touch-enabled image gallery that looks great on desktop and mobile

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Photos by Vincent Boiteau under a Creative Commons license

As easy as 1, 2, 3…

Select a file set, set a size for full screen image and thumbnail, done! Nice & easy – gorgeous from the get-go.

See the example below? just a few lines changed and here you have it – totally new look-and-feel. That's how easy it is to template.

Works everywhere – works all the time

Touch Gallery works flawlessly on most mobile devices, tablets & phones. Unlike many others it works on Android as beautifully as it does on iOS. It also supports all major browsers including IE8 and up.

Fully responsive & touch-enabled of course, it's still usable if Javascript is disabled.

Extremely light-weight, galleries load in no time – no more visitors cursing and leaving.