I build you general & business tools to help you grow on the Internet

In short I can build you any website or application you require to operate and grow your business online and take it where you want it to be.

  • A website (one page sales, catalog, ecommerce…)
  • A way to accept payments online
  • A user management system
  • An event calendar
  • A bridge to a remote service provider
  • Endless list here…

To make your project a success I can handle every aspect of building it from the ground up or supply only the services you need.

  • Concrete 5 CMS integration & custom development
  • Code development & customization
  • Design from scratch or matching your existing brand
  • Troubleshooting of those little things that are bugging you
  • Maintenance, Support & updates

Working together – the process

We need to talk — a lot.

You need to explain your goals and make clear the steps you might want to follow (if any).

Don't worry if you don't have it all figured out or if you don't know what's possible — I'm here to help you with that.

Pretend I'm your doctor…

You need to describe your pain and your hopes in your own words. I'll ask questions and poke you around until I'm able to form the proper diagnosis and come up with the best solution.

Only then can we see clearly where we might go together.

Typically at this point, I will write down a nicely laid-out plan of action including possible solutions, a time frame, and a cost.

Provided that you like what you see, we can then start working together.

Concrete5 – what is it & is it right for me?

I work mostly – but not exclusively – with Concrete5.

Concrete5 is an incredible application that allows me to build pretty much anything AND is easy to master for non-technical end-users (editors, content managers…)

By choosing Concrete 5 you get (at least) 3 huge money-saving benefits

  • Building is faster thanks to all the baked-in features. Users management, files management, SEO tools & more – all included. E-commerce platform – 2 clicks away…
  • Content management is a no-brainer thanks to an editing experience so simple to master you don't need to keep an – expensive – expert handy at all time. Autonomy and independence included? Indeed.
  • Security is taken very seriously by Concrete5 developers and all best practices are followed to ensure your website is safe & secure. The result: no down times AND increased goodwill for protecting your users.

Do's & Don'ts

What I always do

  • I build tools that work
  • I follow through
  • I offer a guarantee
  • But I still push your agenda — not mine
  • I offer advice on ways to do things
  • And warn you against things I know are not going to work

What I never do

  • I never do design-only projects
  • I don't use templates
  • I don't subcontract without your knowledge
  • I don't cut my prices in half and ultimately deliver a piece of poop
  • I won't let you down (unless you let me down)

For the technically minded

Technical skills

  • I build most of my work on top of Concrete5
  • I work with PHP, Jquery/Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Mysql
  • I write clean code and I comment it
  • I work on my own server and use Git for flexibility & security

Business skills

  • I have a Bachelor in Marketing and IT Project Management & a Master in E-commerce
  • I worked in market research
  • I was a business lecturer in China for 7 years in Management, Marketing, and E-commerce

What about subcontracting?

Sometimes I might feel that – although I could build you great infrastructure – the design would be better served by a design-only-focused team.

I will then offer you the option and select 2 fellow agencies (no not low-cost designers from struggling countries) to quote on the project.

Finally I will mark-up their quote to account for my time as an intermediary.

Wait! Mark-up? Why would I – the client – go for it if I can get it cheaper elsewhere?

Short answer: you don't have to.

It is just easier for you to deal with one person rather than to have a project scattered all over the place.

But if you're comfortable with that I'll be more than happy to send you links to good people to contact directly.